Department of Physics Issues Solar Academy 2014 Certificates
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Thu, 2014-04-17 18:00
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School of Physical Sciences

Prof. Bernard Aduda (L) presents a student with a Certificate in Photovoltaic systems at the Solar Academy, School of Physical Sciences. 

Department of Physics today issued certificates to students who completed a two week course at the department’s Solar Academy. The course which ran from April 7th -17th 2014, trained on the Basics of Photovoltaic, Design, Installation and Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Systems.

While presiding over the closing ceremony, the Principal, College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS), Prof. Bernard Aduda acknowledged the important need and critical role played by people skilled in Photovoltaic systems. He called upon the students who had been trained, to disperse their knowledge to all the counties in the region. He further asked the students to take part in improvement of training standards in the University of Nairobi, by taking part in surveys conducted by the department. He also urged alumni to register at the University of Nairobi Alumni Association so as to enjoy the benefits attributed to alumni.

In his remarks, Chairman of the department of Physics, appreciated the contribution of the partners of International Science Programs and the Condensed Matters Research Group, which is currently headed by Prof. Aduda. He further challenged the students to embark on implementing what they had learnt.

Mr. John Kiteu Muthengi, from World Vision and a student who undertook the rigorous course gave a final vote of thanks. Muthengi appreciated the initiative of the lecturers to train the program and commended the University on the mass content available on renewable energy in the department.

The Master of Ceremony during the event was Dr.Francis Nyongesa, from the department of Physics.

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