Research Projects

 Research in Dye sensitized solar cells

 The following are the focus areas

  1. Preparation and characterization of the photoactive electrode (TiO2) by
    1. Oblique angle reactive sputtering deposition
    2. Nitrogen doping  and observing how such TiO2 photoelectrodes prepared by PVD or doped perform compared to the sol-gel prepared photoelectrodes.
  2. Identifying natural anthocyanin dye containing plants, extracting and synthesizing, and purifying the dye for use as an alternative to the costly ruthenium based dye. The charge transfer dynamics of this dye will be studied, plus its stability and adsorbing behaviour.
  3. Fabrication and characterization of an ETA solar cell, particularly morphological characterization, structural analysis, optical characterization of TiO2, In(OH)xSy and PbS thin films, photoluminescence of In(OH)xSy, electrical characterization of the solar cell, and surface photovoltage characteristics of the thin films.
  4. Fabrication and characterization of a DSSC solar cell with the TiO2 surface modified with a buffer layer.
  5. Studying of the charge transport characteristics of thin films prepared by different techniques       (Electrophoretic deposition (EPD), sputtering and sol-gel techniques)
  6. Attempting theoretical models of the DSSC based on our experience.
  7. Construction of a prototype DSSC/ETA cells as a result of our studies.
  8. Building a local pool of talent in solar cell technology.