Geophyscs Projects
  1. Gravity and Magnetic Investigation of Greater Magadi Area

    Research work in progress to explore possibility of finding geothermal reservoirs in Magadi area using magnetic and gravity parameters.

  2. “Integrated Geophysical Study of the Southern Kenyan Coastal Sedimentary Rocks of Kenya”

    Project involves the nuclear geophysical study of the Mrima and Jombo areas sediments for the qualification of nuclear minerals in the area.

  3. Paleomagnetic Study of the Rocks from Mt. Kenya and Environment

    This is a joint study with the University of Florida and University of Nairobi. It involves the assessment of the past magnetic field of the Earth during the last five million years.

  4. Nuclear Geophysical Study of Carbonatite Rocks in South Western Kenya

    The research involves use of nuclear techniques in the quantity assessment of nuclear elements in carbonatite rocks from the south western Kenya. The area includes Homa Mountain, Ruri Hills, Rangwe Complex and all the gold mining Migori-Transmara complex.

  5. Radioactive Minerals in Coumbite-Tantalite (Coltan) Ores in Ruanda

    This is an overseas project in Ruanda. It involves the assessment of nuclear elements in coltan currently mined ores in Ruanda.