Applied Nuclear and Radiation Physics Equipment
  • Single channel NaI(Tl) gamma ray spectrometer
  • LAMIS (via the LIBS spectrometer and machine learning)
  • HPGe gamma ray spectrometer (Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology)
  • HPGe gamma ray spectrometer (Radiation Protection Board)
  • EDXRF spectrometers (Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology)
  • TXRF spectrometer (Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology)
  • Neutron Activation Analysis (Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology))
  • 60Co teletharapy machine (Kenyatta National (Teaching) Hospital))
  • Various Radioimaging modules (Kenyatta National (Teaching) Hospital))
  • Gamma whole body counter (Kenyatta National (Teaching) Hospital))
  • Laser Raman spectromicroscope (for isotopic analysis and spectral imaging)
  • Liquid scintillation counter (Radiation Protection Board)


1. Single Channel Analyzer

2. X-ray equipment