Physics Final Year Projects Presentations
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Mon, 2015-05-04 11:38
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Department of Physics Labs

The Department of Physics final year students (Class 2015) presented their projects on 24th of april, 2015. There were two main categories: theoretical and applied physics. Projects in applied physics had some interesting demonstrations among them a home automation system and a robotic arm for industrial automation.


The 3D printed robotic arm was an applied microprocessor project by Kevin Amadiva, from the BTech class. He put together some 6 motors in a 3D printed structure of support and gears and he was able to program a microcontroller to precisely control the robotic arm to pick and place objects.

Robotic arm





In the home automation project, Alex Makau developed a system for operating most of the home appliances like curtains, lights, fan etc using a remote control

home automation

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