Nairobi International Trade Fair 2016 Projects
Date and time: 
Wed, 2016-11-02 10:02
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Show Ground, Jamhuri

Physics Department was part of the University of Nairobi team exhibiting projects at the showground for the Nairobi International Trade Fair(NITF) 2016 which happened from 3rd Oct – 9th Oct 2016. The department presented two projects under Research and Development, and Advanced Technology categories.

The first project was an Autonomous Remotely Piloted Aircraft System(ARPAS) with the capability to spray pesticides to very specific parts of a farm where crops are affected. The same system is used to identify the infect areas of the farm through remote sensing, applying multispectral imaging techniques. This makes sure that crop diseases are identified early on before they cause irreversible damage to the crops and early spraying also means that very little chemicals are used, leading towards both ecological farming and savings on chemicals and manpower.

The second project was an electronic sign language to speech translation glove. The glove uses flex sensors on each finger to electronically register the gesture being performed, relay the character wirelessly to a smartphone and a smartphone app used to translate text to speech. The aim of this project is to aid those members of our society that are either deaf or dumb to communicate with the reset of the society without the need of a translator so they can be productive.

Mr. Arnold Bett, Mr. David Karibe, Mr. Allela Ali and Dr. Justus Simiyu were at the UoN booth presenting and explaining the innovations to the judges and the visitors.

The UoN team in general bagged three first position awards among others in categories of Research & Development, Advaced Technology and Interpretation of the Current Show Theme.

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Wed, 2017-11-01 10:02
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Mr. Bett Arnold

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