A visit from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Associate Program Officer
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Thu, 2016-02-25 16:36
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Physics Department, UoN

Kate Schneider visits CIP-UoN research groupKate Schneider is the Associate Program Officer with Agricultural Development at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Kate works on a data and diagnostics portfolio, focusing on improving the evidence base and decision-support tools for data-driven policy and investment decision-making. She is also responsible for addressing the environmental components of increasing sustainable productivity growth for smallholder farmers. Kate Visited the CIP-UoN partnership group working on use of drone technology for collecting agricultural data.

Kate also had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Johnathan Gikabu, the lead investigator of a project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation grant. Mr. Gikabu and his group are developing a unified mobile payment platform that will help bring real mobile payment to every phone user without necesarily requiring a smartphone. He had a breifing session with Kate on his project and they later held group discussions on the future prospects, focusing on local capacity building and technology transfer/adoption.

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