A Nigerian student shares his Research Experience in the Department of Physics
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Thu, 2016-03-10 09:16


Mr. Dinta L. Domtau a Ph.D. student (from Nigeria) at the Department of Physics

Studying in a different country brings with it many joys as well as challenges. A student who studies in a foreign country becomes internationally aware, able to work and adapt better in a team and develop world-mindedness among other benefits. For others, experiencing a different teaching method, enhancing career competitiveness and opportunities and learning a course not offered at home institutions contributes to the motivation of studying abroad.

Mr. Dinta L. Domtau is a student in the Department of physics. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in physics. Domtau explains his motivations why he had to travel all the way from Nigeria where they have many universities to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Nairobi. This is what he had to say:

What motivated you to choose the University of Nairobi, specifically the Department of Physics to pursue your Ph.D.?

Domtau: The University of Nairobi by extension, Physics Department has an established faculty profile. The teaching staffs are competent especially in areas of renewable energy which is my strong area of interest. Also, climate change is a global challenge. It has contributed to the devastation of our environment. Physics department has able researchers in the field of clean energy and solar science, which I am confident that I will learn from them through their research at apply it in addressing some of the challenges of climate change.

How is your experience interaction with teaching staffs and students?

Domtau: The faculty, students and technologists are awesome people. Teaching staffs are readily available for you. They are humble and supportive and ready to assist whenever you have a problem. My fellow students are cooperative; the technologists go an extra mile to help whenever something needs to be done. Faculty, students and technologists work as a team and this has made my research work at the Department as a teamwork affair.

How is like your learning experience at the department

Domtau: Besides interaction with my fellow students, faculty and others, I have been able to do my research with ease. Although my research acumen has been going on smoothly because there is some research equipment such as the multi-functional microscope, spray pyrolysis and solar coating system with stirrer among others, more equipment need to be made available so has to improve the department in terms of research.

Any Challenges encountered?

Domtau: Accommodation is a major challenge especially for postgraduate students. Postgraduate students requires to stay closer to the university so as they can do their research uninterrupted.  However, this is not the case. I live far from the university and this is a significant challenge Also, although the department has about 70% percent of the instruments needed to do a thorough research, it needs to try and avail equipment such as X-rays, electronic detraction microscope among others to assist students in carrying out their research effectively.

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