Collaborations in Physics

Stanford University Solar Center, Usa


Air Force Research Laboratory/institute For Scientific Research (boston College), Usa

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Lund University, Sweden

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Solar For Sub-saharan Schools And Communities

s3cS3C is an abbreviation of Solar for sub-Saharan Schools and Communities, so 3 x S and a C. S3C is a Dutch based international social venture, with the mission to implement solar solutions in (mostly rural) communities in sub-Saharan countries. In 2013 a start up was made in Kenya, with S3C Kenya Ltd as business wing and S3C Kenya Foundation as charity wing.

S3C has been cooperating with UoNbi since even before it's start-up. There has been initiatives on solar training and new curriculum development on solar training, and S3C has acted as broker in the exchange of UoNbi staff to the Netherlands based Delft University of Technology; in November 2013 10 staff members of the Physics department had a 2 week capacity building program in Netherlands.

In 2014, S3C is aspiring to expand the cooperation with, amongst others; continued capacity building, internship program coordination, and training for solar technicians and practical field implementation of solar projects.


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Space Environment Research Centre, Kyushu University, Japan


University Of Rome (la Sapienza), Italy


Uppsala University, Sweden

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