Past Research Projects in Physics

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Past Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Development Of Multiple Input Meters: Access To Affordable Scientific Instrumentation 2012 2015 View Details
Analysis And Geostatistical Modeling Of The Radioecological And Associated Heavy Metal Impact Of Gold Mining In The Migori Transmara Complex Of Western Kenya
National Council for Science and Technology
2012 2015 1,195, 300 KShs View Details
Novel Machine Learning Approaches To Leukemia And Breast Cancer Diagnostics In Body Fluid Media Via Hyperspectral Imaging And Analysis Techniques

National Council for Science and Technology

2012 2015 KShs 1,127, 948 View Details
Assessment Of Sources And Levels Of Radiation Exposure In Gwasi (south Nyanza) And Jombo (south Coast) High Background Radiation Areas Of Kenya 2012 2015 KShs 400,000 View Details
Retrieval Of Radiative Modeling Of Aerosol Characteristics In Relation To Greenhouse Gas Densities In Ea Atmosphere Utilizing Ground And Satellite-based Spectroscopic Techniques

National Council for Science and Technology.

2012 2015 750,000 View Details
Medical Elementology And Spectral Diagnosis Of Disease: Chemometrics- And Machine Learning-assisted Spectroanalytical And Hyperspectral Imaging And Analysis Of Pathogens And Trace Elements And Their Speciation In Human Body Tissue And Fluids For Disease

International Science Programme, National Council for Science and Technology

2010 2015 View Details
Radiometric Geothermics: Nuclear Analytical Study And Modelling Of Trace Chemical And Isotopic Characteristics Of Geothermal Field Matrices Associated With High Background Radiation Areas (hbra) Applied To Resource Exploration And Environmental Impact Ass 2010 2015 View Details
Spectroanalytical Environmetrics: Size-resolved Trace Chemical And Radiative Characterization Of Environmental Aerosols By Chemometrics-assisted Laboratory And Atmospheric Spectroscopy Techniques Applied To The Study Of Biosphere-atmosphere Material Excha 2010 2015 View Details
Material Analysis By Chemometric Spectroscopy: Characterization Of Complex Matrix Materials For Industrial Product And Process Quality Assurance Via Chemometric X-ray Fluorescence And Scattering And Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Techniques. 2010 2015 View Details
Radiometric Beam Quality Characterization: Applications In Quality Assurance In Dosimetry, Medical Imaging And Radiotherapy. 2010 2015 View Details
Gamma-ray Spectrometry And Detector Efficiency Modelling: Transfer Of Measured Ge And Nai(tl) Detector Gamma-ray Efficiencies To Computed Efficiencies For Complex Geometries Applied To Environmental Radioactivity Analysis Via Gamma-ray Spectroscopy. Meas 2010 2015 View Details
Laser And Spark-produced Dense Plasmas Diagnostics And Modelling: Analysis And Modelling For Applications In Nuclear Microfusion And Dielectric Materials Spectroscopy 2010 2015 View Details
Geophysical Monitoring Of Groundwater For Earthquake Prediction In Seismically Active Areas Of Kenya 2010 2015 View Details
Integrated Geophysical Research Investigation Of Greater Magadi Area, Kenya 2010 2015 View Details
Investigation Of Nuclear Elements And Their Radiation Exposure In Carbonatite Rocks In South Nyanza And The Costal Regions 2010 2015 View Details
Elemental Analysis Of Rocks From Gold Mines In Migori-transmara Complex Of South Western Kenya 2010 2015 View Details
Assessment Of Heavy Metal Fluxes And Radiation Exposure In Extractions And Processing Of Coltan Ores In Rwanda 2010 2015 View Details
Radiation Hazards Due To Tungsten Mining In Rwanda 2010 2015 View Details
Studies On Neutrino Mass At Finite Temperature 2010 2015 View Details
Inflationary Cosmology 2010 2015 View Details
Baryogenesis And The Big Bang Nucleosynthesis 2010 2015 View Details
Cosmic Microware Background Radiation 2010 2015 View Details
Hubble’s Law And The Expansion Of Space 2010 2015 View Details
Flrw Metric. 2010 2015 View Details
Friedman – Lemaitre, Robertson-waker Metrix 2010 2015 View Details
Galaxy Formation In The Bb Theory 2010 2015 View Details
Physics At The Earliest Instant Of Time 2010 2015 View Details
Nuclear Geophysical Project Of Gwassi, South Nyanza (ruri Hills And Homa Mountain) (2006 - Present) – Mapping Of All High Radiation Zones Due To Carbonatite Rocks 2006 2015 View Details
Rift Valley International Seismic Project (1991 - 1993) – Resulted In 2d Model For The Kenya Rift Valley. This Data Has Been Used For Oil Exploration 1991 1993 View Details
Paleomagnetic And Rock Magnetic Studies Of The Proterozoic Granites From Western Kenya (1990 – 1998) – Exploration Of Gold Mining Potential Of The Region. 1990 1998 View Details
Mrima Hill Radiation Mapping(1993)– Discovery Of Thorium And Niobium Nuclear Minerals 1993 View Details
The Electrical Resistivity Method Of Geophysical Prospecting And Its Implication To Geothermal Exploration In The Rift Valley Of Kenya (1978) – Revealed Geothermal Potential Of The Ol Karia Area 1978 View Details