Benjamin Okang’ Odumo

Benjamin Okang’ Odumo

B. Sc. (Egerton), P.G.D.E. (Moi), M. Sc (Nairobi)

Currently a PhD Student and a Tutorial Fellow at The University of Nairobi. My PhD research title is ‘Analysis and Geostatistical Modeling of the radioecological and associated heavy metal impact of gold mining in Migori and Transmara complex of Southwestern Kenya’.

Research interests:


Environmental Physics



Nuclear Physics

Physics Education


Recent publications


  1. Odumo, B. O., Nanos, N., Carbonell, G., Torrijos, M., Patel, J.P., Rodríguez Martín, J.A. 2018. Artisanal gold-mining in a rural environment: Land degradation in Kenya.  Land Degrad. Development 1-9. DOI:10.1002/ldr.3078. 


  1. Odumo, B.O., Carbonell, G., Angeyo, H. K., Patel, J.P., Torrijos, M., Rodríguez Martín, J.A. 2014 Impact of gold mining associated with mercury contamination in soil, biota sediments and tailings in Kenya. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 12426-12435.


  1. Odumo, B. O., Mustapha A.O., Patel, J. P. and Angeyo, H. K. 2011 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Florescence analysis of mine waters from the Migori gold mining belt in Southern Nyanza, Kenya. Bullet in of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 87(3):260-263.


  1. Odumo, B. O., Mustapha A.O., Patel, J.P. and Angeyo, H. K. 2011 Multielemental analysis of Migori (Southwest, Kenya) artisanal gold mine ores and sediments by EDX-ray Fluorescence Technique: implications of occupational exposure and environmental impact. Bull of Environm Contam and Toxicol, 86(5): 484 – 489


  1. Odumo, B. O., Mustapha A. O., Patel, J.P. and Angeyo, H. K. 2011 Radiological survey and assessment of associated activity concentration of the naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in the Migori artisanal goldmining belt of Southern Nyanza, KenyaApplied Radiation and Isotopes ,69(6): 912-916.