The Astrophysics and Space Science Thematic Research Group

Thematic Group Leader

Dr. Geoffrey O. Okeng’o



The Astrophysics & Space Sciences Research Group (ASSG) is an interdisciplinary research unit at the department of physics involved in undergraduate and postgraduate training and research with an ambitious vision for the development of Astrophysics and Space Sciences in Kenya, taking full advantage and realization of the potential created by the establishment of the Kenya Space Agency, and the departments longtime collaboration with the Luigi Broglio Space Centre in Malindi.

The ASSG’s key research areas include: observational and theoretical astrophysics, cosmology, space weather modelling and monitoring, space science, micro-satellites and nano-satellites technologies, development and instrumentation, astronomical big data analytics, machine learning and deep learning applications in astrophysics and space science. The group prides itself as the largest in the country and the region with over five PhDs in the areas of High Energy Physics, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Plasma Physics, Earth Observation and Remote Sensing. If you are interested in research in this area, contact Dr. Geoffrey O. Okeng’o, Head of the Astrophysics and Space Science Thematic Group.

Group Members:

1. Dr. G. O. Okeng’o – Astrophysics, Cosmology & Space Science (Thematic Head,
Astrophysics & Space Science Group)
2. Prof. R. O. Genga – Plasma Physics
3. Prof. C. O. Mito – Earth Observation & Remote Sensing
4. Prof. N. M. Monyonko – High Energy Physics
5. Dr. J. B. Awuor – Cosmology & Astrophysics
6. Dr. G. O. Maumba – Cosmology & High Energy Physics

Postgraduate Students:
(1) Past

1. Dr. G. O. Maumba, PhD – Cosmology (Completed, 2010)
2. Mr. Castro Olwendo, M.Sc. - Space Physics (Completed)
3. Mr. Elijah Cheruiyot – Earth Observation/Remote Sensing (Completed, 2016)
4. Mr. Samson Mutunga, Msc – Theoretical Cosmology (Completed in 2017)
5. Mr. Moses Langa, Msc – Cosmology (Completed, 2017)
6. Mr. Carringtone Kinyanjui, Msc – Cosmology (Completed, 2018)
7. Mr. Peter Banda, Msc – Astrophysics (Completed in 2019)

(2) Present
1. Mr. Elijah Cheruiyot, PhD – Earth Observation/Remote Sensing
2. Mr. Kennedy Jacob Owuor, Msc
3. Ms. Dorothy Museo, Msc
4. Mr. Douglas Manasi, Msc
5. Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi
6. Mr. Cargo Minjire