Short Professional Courses in Solar PV Systems Design, Installation and Maintenance
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Fri, 2017-03-03 12:52


Green Energy is gaining a lot of worldwide attention owing to the challenges nations are facing with the conventional sources of energy. With most third world countries mainly depending on hydro for power generation, climatic conditions have not helped improve on generation capacities. Locally, recent experience of prolonged drought has led to commensurate increase n the cost of electricity. As such both government and private sector have worked out remedial plans both short term and long term. Among them is development of solar PV as a source of electricity and the government has planned and implemented some of these projects through construction of solar PV mini grids as well as licensing of MW scale PV plants.

Small solar home systems have provided offgrid solutions in Kenya and most recently lanters have added to the offgrid solutions due to their blending of the social structures. Most recently there has been marked entry of medium size and MW scale PV projects in the country. The private sector has also embarked on energy energy saving measures and alternative sources with solar being the best choice. With this expansion, there is need to build local capacity to do design, installation and carry out operation and maintenance of the installed systems. Nairobi has set the pace with urban solar PV commercial rooftop installations already in operation such as the Garden City, Two Rivers and ICIPE Kasarani campus under installation. Strathmore University has set pace for solar rooftop plants purely for sale to the national grid by successfully negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement. It is therefore necessary that we build this capacity and that is the objective of this training.

We are currently running two programmes under the professional courses oin solar PV under basic, intermediate and advanced levels of training. Grab the opportunity!! Apply Now by choosing the link below

1. T1/T2 Basic and Intermediade Solar PV Training

2. Advanced Grid Connected Solar PV Design Course


The training team comprises a pool of experienced trainers drawn from the University of Nairobi led by Principal trainer Dr. Justus Simiyu. Dr Simiyu is a Senior Lecturer in Physics at the University of Nairobi and a member of Condensed Matter Research Group (in the Department of Physics, University of Nairobi).

He also co-ordinates training in photovoltaics sizing, installation and maintenance in the department for the group and an active member of the college committee for exhibitions in local and international fairs. He is in charge of promotion of Physics and Science in high schools in Kenya through organized visits and talks to high school students for the department. He teaches and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students in the areas of basic physics, materials science and solar energy materials and applications. He also provides policy advice and consultancy on climate change maters with a particular focus on low carbon technology transfer and development to the Government of Kenya towards the implementation of Vision 2030 flagship projects. He has participated and continues to participate in research collaborations with partners in Sweden and Germany in areas of solar energy materials research and applications.

Dr Simiyu offers consultancy on PV curriculum development, capacity building, project feasibility studies, System design, PV systems inspection and verification.


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