UNMTA - University of Nairobi Microprocessor Technology Association

Who are we
UNMTA was founded in association with the School of Physical Sciences, B.SC (Microprocessor Technology & Instrumentation)



What we do
UNMTA provides a platform for members(students &/ researchers) to develop their field related skills. We do this by networking our members with industry experts, also through project collaboration within our house teams and other institutions, companies, groups, associations/clubs. Membership is open to anyone interested in participating.

Our Mission
We are here to produce industry experts, innovators and tech entrepreneurs who will go on to make Kenya, Africa’s tech hub through innovation and creation of sustainable developments.

Our vision
Our vision is to create pipelines/networks for tech information sharing. We want to ensure the information members acquire while learning is relevant to what innovations and tech solutions are in the market.

Our core objectives
Here are some of the ways we will achieve our mission & vision.

  1. Learning and teaching about sustainable tech development
  2. Exposing members to their relevant fields
  3. Being partial incubators for tech innovation or tech start ups
  4. Acquiring and providing resources for research and tech development
  5. Linking members to market opportunities e.g internship/temporary jobs
  6. Hosting sessions and forums where members can interact with industrial experts.
  7. Forming partnerships and relationships with institutions and companies within the tech industry.

Benefits of being a member
Benefits of signing up with UNMTA(University of Nairobi Microprocessor Technology Association)

  1. Direct market exposure
  2. You will get quick access to market opportunities
  3. Up to date tech information relevant to your field
  4. Ease of access to resources for tech development or concept research
  5. Experience in working within a team
  6. Work experience.



UNMTA provides a platform for members(students &/ researchers) to develop their field related skills.

University Of Nairobi Microprocessor Technology Association