Solar Academy at Syokimau Business Expo

The Solar Academy, led by Professor S. Waita, proudly represented the Department of Physics at the Syokimau Business Expo on Sunday, September 17th 2023. The event provided a platform for local businesses and organizations to showcase their services, and the Solar Academy took this opportunity to display their wide range of offerings.

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Among the services highlighted by the Solar Academy was their comprehensive training program for solar technicians and enthusiasts. They offered information on training program at the T1&T2 level which focuses on the fundamentals of solar technology and installation. Additionally, they offered information on advanced T3 level training for individuals seeking in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. The team emphasized the importance of such training in nurturing a skilled workforce to drive the adoption of renewable energy solutions.

Visitors at the Solar Academy's stand included esteemed guests such as Professor Nyongesa, the chairman of the Department of Physics at the University of Nairobi. Professor Nyongesa showed his support for the team by taking the time to visit the stand and learn more about their initiatives in the renewable energy sector. He highlighted the Department's pride in the Solar Academy's work and expressed confidence in their ability to bridge the gap between academia and practical applications.

The Solar Academy team, like other exhibitors, also had the opportunity to attend a church service organized by Destiny Life Church,Syokimau, the hosts of the Expo. Reverend  Phillips Katutu delivered a thought-provoking sermon on how well to connect with the clients to enjoy maximum benefits.. The team appreciated the opportunity to connect with the community in a spiritual environment and further reinforce the importance of their work.

Professor S. Waita, as the leader of the Solar Academy team, expressed his vision for the future: "Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of solar energy. By offering comprehensive training programs, we are equipping solar technicians and enthusiasts to become leaders in the field. We believe that through education and practical experience, we can accelerate the adoption of clean energy and contribute to a sustainable future."

The Solar Academy's participation in the Syokimau Business Expo showcased their commitment to advancing renewable energy initiatives and creating a greener society. Their presence inspired visitors to explore the myriad possibilities offered by solar technology, leaving them enthusiastic and motivated to embrace sustainable practices.

Under the guidance of Professor S. Waita, the Solar Academy continues to make remarkable progress in the renewable energy sector. Their dedication to education and training, combined with their commitment to promoting clean and sustainable energy solutions, has positioned them as leaders in the industry. The team's active involvement in the Syokimau Business Expo underscored their determination to create a brighter and greener future powered by the boundless potential of solar technology.